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While reading Joy Starts Here, participants are asked to take the JoyQ along the way. At the end of the JoyQ, you will receive a recommendation for which entry phase will be the best fit for you! Even if you haven't been through Joy Starts Here, you can still take the JoyQ today- Click to get started!


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entry phase option

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Restarting is a revolutionary, solution based approach for building joy, recieving inner healing, and developing life giving relationships. 


In Restarting, participants will learn how they are created for joy, from the very beginning. They will learn to recognize where their brain lacks joy and how to connect with others in order to retrain their brains for JOY! 


Restarting groups use a combination of joy building exercises and DVD teachings with Ed Khouri. Better than any "recovery" group out there, Restarting will help you learn to be tender with your weaknesses and experience the healing touch of Immanuel. In Restarting, your brain will get a taste of the joy it's been craving all along and you will begin to develop STRONGER relational brain skills to help overcome a low-joy lifestyle, trauma, and addictions.


Restarting might be for "the weak" but that's a good thing! 



Forming is a fresh, life-giving approach to spiritual growth and restoration. What makes Forming unique is that instead of relying on your own willpower and self-efffort to bring about change in your life, you will learn to build a relationship with God that has enough substance to change you from the inside out!


In Forming, participants will learn to connect with Immanuel in a way that helps them see themselves - their strengths and their weaknesses- in a new light. 


Forming uses DVD teachings with David Takle and exercises to help you develop a greater intimacy with God. In Forming, the interactive presence of Immanuel helps you connect with others in joy and begin to mature in places you didn't realize you were once lacking.


Forming might be the entrace of the "strong" into Connexus, but they'll discover even the strong need relationship!

Belonging is where the "weak and strong" come together to interact and learn to respond tenderly to weakness in the presence of Immanuel! 


In Belonging, participants will be doing over 60 exercises together that will transform each person with joy! This is where the real training takes place.


Ed Khouri will be your guide once again during this phase of Connexus as he turns deep and complicated truths into thoughts as clear as mountain streams! His teachings along with all those execises and plenty of "homework" to keep you growing will help you grow your  own joyful community.


In Belonging you will build skills that will improve your "belonging style", build relationships with God and others, learn to quiet cravings and truly become Gentle Protectors in your homes, schools, churches, and workplaces!


Belonging is "The Transformation Zone!"