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 Experience the Joy!


When your life is more painful and out-of-control than you like: Find the skills to bring you to peace and joy. Rebuild your life after addictions, abuse and loss. Trauma weakens your brain’s control center. Addictions hijack your brain’s attachment center. Strategic spiritual and mental training restarts your life.



When your life is more comfortable and stagnant than you want: You need to jumpstart your connection with God. Your life can really make a difference. Do you sometimes wonder if your spiritual routine has become dormant or even complacent? Learn what changes life-long character flaws you have learned to live with and make an impact where you are needed.



When your personal development has some holes and your natural or spiritual family are not all you had hoped: Find the next step in your maturity and take it. Identify your missing skills and where to learn them. Learn to receive and give life within the kind of mutigenerational community that changes character and builds true identity whether you are weak or strong.



When trying harder leads to fatigue and failure: A profound six-step process brings healing and peace. Don’t let pain drive you or stop and scare you any longer. See your daily life and interactions as making a difference in your world instead of being beat up and worn down. Consistency is easier when you have healed first.



When you have been changed, healed a little and become more alive by Thriving and you want your closest relationships to improve: Take the maturity you learned in Belonging and the means for Healing with the life you learned in either Forming or Restarting and apply these to your immediate family and relationships. You can immediately start spreading healing, joy and peace as you practice THRIVE skills in your significant relationships.


Each course is 12 weeks long. This is real training for your brain and spirit where you learn skills you never had before. Expect to attend classes, do exercises, practice during the week, have material to read and study and be changed in ways you did not know were possible. Start with Restarting or Forming courses that you can join at any time and then continue through the other three courses (Belonging, Healing and Loving) when you have completed either first course and the 12 week cycle begins again.


When most recovery programs reach sobriety (25% success rate at the end of a year) they frequently lead to divorce and family strife as the sober member lacks the healing, maturity and attachment skills that keep them from producing pain. It is time for something new.

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Thriving: Recover Your Life and Restarting were developed by Edward M. Khouri Jr. and E. James Wilder Ph.D. Thriving is based on the Life Model developed by Shepherd’s House Inc.

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